St. Andrews is truly unique. Considering its relatively small population (1800 according to the last census), this wonderful town boasts a public art gallery, a community college, a national marine research centre, a world class golf course and numerous other amenities often associated with larger centres. Founded in 1783, the town still retains much of its old-world charm. Streets that are safe, businesses that are owner-operated and original architecture are just a few of the things you will notice about St. Andrews.

St. Andrews is genteel Loyalist values at their finest. The order, scale and ambiance of St. Andrews reflects the practical, resourcefulness of these loyal subjects. It was for this reason that this rustic seaport became the summer residence of choice for the wealthy and powerful, including Sir Samuel Leonard Tilly, Sir James Dunn, Sir William Van Horne and C.D. Howe.

Today, St. Andrews represents one of the best-preserved examples of colonial heritage in North America. While maintaining its charm, St. Andrews is also a dynamic, prosperous community. Small town values and friendly neighbours mix easily with a spirited business environment. For the residents of St. Andrews, life is indeed charmed.

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