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The Charlotte Coastal Region Tourism Association exists to unite, shape, and market our Bay of Fundy lifestyle experiences into a globally recognized tourism destination of choice. We:
  • Unite businesses, residents, and government in collaborative efforts to as a way to increase our competitive edge and achieve our vision
  • Act as a catalyst for year-round economic growth by providing tools for businesses to succeed and thrive
  • Help educate residents and businesses to embrace and market our unique regional attributes – turn everyone into a champion for our region and what we are, instead of trying to be what we aren’t
  • Support, educate and challenge our members to increase the quality and diversity of their products to respond to changing customer needs
  • Connect ideas and people to drive innovation and growth, particularly through mentoring
  • Help the tourism industry reach its full potential as the leading economic and community development driver in our region
  • Advocate for our region and industry at all levels of government and business
  • Develop and provide tools and marketing initiatives for our members to succeed and thrive
  • Create a cohesive, harmonious group through
Water Street, Saint Andrews, NB, Canada, St. Andrews
Telephone: 506-321-1557
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