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Sanctuary St. Andrews cottages (The Artist’s Cabin & Serenity) sits on the very edge of the Bay of Fundy and offer breathtaking views of the Bay, Kilmarnock Head, and Ministers Island. Unwind in your cottage on this gorgeous secluded acreage. When napping, lounging, & strolling our trails gets to be too relaxing—if that is such a thing—there's a wide range of activities available - including hiking, kayaking, whale watching, deep-sea fishing, & scuba diving, as well as museums to explore, art classes to take, spas to luxuriate in, and restaurants to sample! This is your home away from home (and civilization!). Experience pure, simple joy away from the busy world of city life.

130 Glebe Road, Chamcook, St. Andrews
Telephone: (506) 897-1509 (647) 449-1435