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Seldom Inn is a rustic, seaside cottage (private summer vacation rental) located in the town of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada only 20 miles from the United States border. Built in 1878, the first owner, Captain Simpson, used the cottage as a seaside bungalow until 1915 when the MacLeod family purchased the cottage and has kept it ever since. For 100 years the cottage was a private summer retreat for several generations of the MacLeod family.

Today Seldom Inn is living up to its namesake and is now open to tourists who come to visit the shores of Eastern Canada. If you seek the peace and solace of a private seaside retreat at the end of a quiet street in a small seacoast town on the Atlantic coast of Canada, the beach only a few steps away, then look no further than the Seldom Inn.

Seldom Inn is a few blocks away from downtown St. Andrews where there are restaurants, shops, a pharmacy and grocery store, and the town wharf from which whale watching and fishing trips are offered all season.

15 Ernest Street, Saint Andrews, NB E5B 2C3
Telephone: (506) 529-1100