Just about every restaurant in town has their seafood specialty. If you want to prepare it yourself, there are also local markets from whence you can take home the catch of the day.

St. Andrews residents will tell you that they are busier in winter than at any other time of year. There are many volunteer organizations and events to get involved with, as well as community sports, book clubs, choirs and more. We have a theatre for stage and film, and a staggering number of musical and theatrical performances to enjoy.

The average tide in St. Andrews is 23 feet, although at full and new moon near the solstices it has been measured as high as 28 feet.

Yes! Maritime hospitality isn’t just a tourism gimmick; it’s our way of life. We invite you to join in on the fun!

St. Andrews offers a wide array of housing, from simple starter homes through to classic mansions. There is almost literally something for everyone. Many homes are also available for rent, and there are rental apartments available as well.

For a specific question, the Business & Services directory contains the contact information for just about anything you might need in St. Andrews. If you are looking for more general information or assistance with vacation planning, please contact the Chamber of Commerce stachamb@nbnet.nb.ca