Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium

Discover the underwater world of the beautiful Bay of Fundy.  An enormous display featuring the magnitude of the Bay of Fundy tides anchors the aquarium.  Harbour seals Loki and Snorkel will entertain you with their antics, seahorses, salmon, intertidal creatures and underwater viewing of Bay of Fundy fishes will fascinate you.  Children and adults alike will have a ball at the gigantic touch pool and skate tank!  Enjoy the children’s play area, feature films and videos, interactive displays, the walking path to the beach and so much more!  Come Explore. Learn.  Discover…and make memories with us!

Young Explorer Day Camps

Sharks, whales, seals or seabirds… no matter what your young explorer is passionate about, there’s a marine experience waiting that is sure to surprise and delight! Students aged 7 to 12 find fun games, crafts, and even field trips built by expert mentors around their favourite marine subjects. Backroom collections and personal treasures are out on display for your student to examine. A state-of-the-art wet-lab classroom is home base for learning activities, while the Bay of Fundy awaits just outside the door for hands-on education like never before. Prickly urchins and slippery sea cucumbers are just some of the new friends to be found here. Who knows what else will be uncovered? Everyone goes home with a marine environment learning certificate confirming their new discoveries.

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Kingsbrae Garden – Fun for the Whole Family!

The Children’s Fantasy Garden features the O’Neil Family Playhouse built in 1894. Legend has it that the playhouse was built one winter for a local grocer’s daugther, by an out-of-work shipbuilder, in exchange for food to feed the family. Lucy the Ladybug is at the Garden and greeting all her many friends from all over North America and the world.

Live Ladybug Releases

In the summer, every morning at 10:30, there is a live ladybug release in the Garden, for those who wish to experience it – for children and the young at heart! This benefits the plants, as the ladybugs eat the bugs that prey on roses and other beautiful flowers, and is a terrific experience, besides. Please present yourself at the Kingsbrae Garden Visitor Centre just before the time, in order to get admission details out of the way.

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St. Andrews Creative Playground

A unique wooden playground built by volunteers from St. Andrews and surrounding communities and local artists painted the playground’s colourful murals. The playground has been a tourist attraction where children from St. Andrews, neighbouring communities, and around the world have played on the climbing walls, slid on the slides,  and swung on the swings.  This unique park is accessible to children of all abilities.

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